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Bearded Dragons are native to central Australia and are basically desert-dwelling lizards. Their colour varies from a dull brown […]

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Housing Bearded Dragons

Bringing Home a True Friend Bearded dragons are cute little creatures that make wonderful pets, so if you have […]

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Bearded Dragon Myths

Myth: Bearded Dragons are lazy It is very sad that so many people think the problem lays with the dragon and not with themselves. Bearded Dragons kept in thriving conditions, allowed loads of freedom and sunshine are active. They bask until they reached the desired temperature and then move around the rest of the time, foraging for food, running over rocks, ‘play’ etc. They are extremely busy creatures most of the day! Myth: Bearded Dragons should always stay in their enclosure Keeping a Bearded Dragon locked up […]

Caring for Bearded Dragons Must Know Tips for Owners

If you like to have a bearded dragon at home, then you need to know a few basic tips that will help you take good care of your pet. Bearded dragons are considered to be good pets for most people, even those who have no previous experience of keeping reptiles. Most families especially kids now like to have bearded dragons as pets as not only they are friendly but also adapt well to the surroundings. Choosing Your Pet Before you buy a dragon, make sure you examine […]

Issues With Keeping Lizards As Pets

Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles belonging to the Squamata order. They have four legs, visible ear opening and maneuverable eyelids. Their size can vary from few centimeters to as long as three meters. They are also very-good inexpensive pets. But if the owner wants to get the right type of equipments, the whole affair can become quite expensive. The cost can be cut down a bit by not relying on the pet store completely and doing some self-research. Before thinking of buying a lizard, the most important factor […]

What Types of Lizards Make Good Reptile Pets

There is nothing wrong with wanting a reptile for a pet, provided of course you first arm yourself with knowledge. Education is the key to being a responsible owner. Of course, there are instances when you may not first get the chance. Suppose your well-meaning relative decided it would be a good idea to give you an exotic pet for a gift, not thinking of the reptile’s welfare should you be unable to care for it or uneducated about its care. But, of course there are always […]